Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cooking and Moms

This weekend was another freezer cooking weekend! As I've mentioned before, Melissa and I have been cooking once a month and freezing all of the food. It has been such a wonderful blessing for me as a working mom. Since Melissa has been pregnant and extremely sick we haven't had a chance to cook together. Well, Tricia from onceamonthmom offered to come and cook with us so that Melissa could have a chance to sit and not do as much of the cooking. We cooked the march menu from the onceamonthmom website. Let me tell you what, food for a month for 3 people is A LOT of food! This is where my mama comes in. She came down this weekend with my grandma to visit and watch Amaya while I cooked. Well, little did she know she'd be helping to chop all of the vegetables and clean the kitchen!! She is amazing! She also helped with laundry and other stuff around the house and had tons of fun with Amaya. She is such a wonderful mom and definitely has the spiritual gift of serving others! Did I mention she is such a wonderful mom?
So alas, we woke up bright and early, got some coffee, and got down to business cooking a bunch of yummy food. Tricia was at the stove most of the time, I was over at the other counter, and Melissa was at the table! Other than my occasional freak outs and mess ups on the recipes I was cooking, it was a success and we have a freezer full of food!! They all look so yummy!! It was also fun to have 3 of us in the kitchen and the time goes pretty fast when there are 2 people to talk to. Also, Tricia introduced us to a new Glad Ovenware product. The Ovenware stacks very easily and you can take it out of the freezer and put it in the oven. You can also reuse the containers!! What a great idea! So alas, the cooking is done for another month and I can relax a little when it comes to coming home exhausted from work and wondering what we are going to eat!


Bud said...

Thanks, Tami! I had soooo much fun with Amaya (she's my little sweetpea & I love her so much. I loved smothering her with hugs & kisses, too!!); & enjoyed helping you. I love you so're such a blessing to me! said...

Your mom IS amazing! Her cleanliness skills in the kitchen were such a blessing! I don't think I ended up doing one dish - oops.

And it was a pleasure cooking with the two of you!