Saturday, May 22, 2010

God has a plan!

It is strange how so much can change in 2 weeks time. Josh and I believe strongly that God is in complete control over our adoption from Africa, which is why we are now adopting from Ethiopia. AWAA actually contacted us about considering Ethiopia instead of Rwanda for several very important reasons. After praying, we decided this was a wise decision. It is very comforting to know that God has our little one right in his hands. So the journey has begun! We received our follow up e-mails with the paper work and initial fees. We have an 8 hour online class on adoption to take and will get set up with the social worker soon to start our "home study." We want to ask for your prayers about a few things. 1. Please pray for our precious child that we already can't wait to meet. 2. please pray that we would not become discouraged in the process but would continue to have patience and completely rely on God's timing. 3. Please pray that Josh and I will be able to raise some funds for the very expensive process. Thank you for praying with us!!!


Anonymous said...

international adoption is so amazing. my parents just got back from china with their little one. they also used awaa as their agency. will be praying for you!

Natalie Nicholl

Trevor, Sarah, Acacia, and Eliana Schuh said...

This is so exciting, you guys. We will be praying@