Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spaghetti, and Sauce, and Fingerprints, Oh my!

This past weekend seemed to go by in a whirl, but I loved every second of it. We began the weekend by bagging the bread (leftovers from Panera and Big Sky) and setting up for the spaghetti dinner. Ok, well Josh did most of the bagging and setting up while I was at home with Amaya. We arrived at church on Saturday night with Abby and Dan totally ready to get our spaghetti on! What transpired over the next 24 hours amazed me. People came to help cook and serve any way they could. It seemed like there was always someone at each service asking, "do you need anything?" That alone was such a blessing to my heart and something that was not expected! By the end of Saturday night we learned that we needed to cook more spaghetti ahead of time than we thought. Wow! How exciting! By Sunday morning we had the system down a little bit better and Abby and I were glad we had bought the extra few containers of spaghetti sauce and spaghetti even though our husbands laughed at us! By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around I sat in amazement at what God had just done. He (yes HE) had raised almost 1300 per family!!! We are getting closer to having that 7,700 dollars we need to send our paper work every day. God is so good. All the time. Thank you to all of YOU that came out and supported us this weekend. Those that helped serve and those that ate. You are all such a blessing in our lives and are taking such a huge part in helping bring our son home. I completely forgot to bring my camera so I will post pics as soon as I can get some from Abby.

Today Josh and I left at about 12:30 and headed down to Cincinnati to get our fingerprints for USCIS. We arrived early and entered the federal building. We found the room quickly with another couple that was there to also get fingerprinted. We walked into the huge empty room and sat down to wait. We figured that the employees were still at lunch. We had a great time introducing ourselves to the other couple. They are in the process of adopting a child with special needs from China. They were such a nice couple and we had fun chatting with them. The employees arrived a few minutes later (still no one else in the room). We all then went through the process of filling out one piece of paper and taking turns getting fingerprinted. All in all it probably took less that 15 minutes! They didn't even question the fact that my appointment was for the next day. The lady just waved me on! WAHOO. All that anxiousness for NOTHING, of course! Josh and I then took the opportunity to have the most wonderful date. We walked along the Ohio River for awhile and browsed the book in Barnes N' Noble, used a gift card to eat a very early dinner at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse on the river (SOOOOO YUMMY), and then left and stopped by the Cincinnati Premier Outlets. We both decided that it was the best date in a long time. We had fun talking and relaxing together and thanked God for the chance to "get away" for a few hours before the next few days of craziness begin. Thanks God! So now we wait for our i171H form to come in the mail! I'm going to try and be very patient. We also need to work on making 3 copies of all of our Dossier paperwork and getting it all county certified and state certified. Thank you for the continued prayer!

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