Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yum, Yum, Yum!

This week my friend, Abby, and I had another round of freezer meal cooking. I thought you might like to know just want kind of recipes we tried. Abby and I put together our own meal plan this time, which was fun, but props to Once A Month Mom for all of their hard work because it is no easy task! Let me tell you what, if you would like to try this whole freezer meal thing then Once A Month Mom is a must have resource! First its the meals, then the grocery list, then the instructions. However, Abby and I were both really pleased with how our menu turned out (THANK YOU Abby for all of the grocery shopping you did)!! We of course completely forgot to take any pictures during cooking, but let's just say it was tons o' fun and I have a freezer full of yummy food once again. After adding all of the meals up I believe we had about 24 meals each! Here is a list of the foods we made as well as links to those that are online! If you have any questions please let me know!

Corndog muffins
Chicken noodle soup - our own recipe
Mini Meatloaves (turkey)
Marinated Chicken breasts (x2) - "dump" recipe
Marinated Pork chops (x2) - "dump" recipe
Baked Ziti - our own creation
Slow cooker tex mex chicken
Slow cooker sweet and sour chicken
Shepherd's pie
Ranchero Chicken Over Rice
Chicken Parmesan

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jkseevers said...

mmm.... I'm totally going to do this before I leave for Africa, so that the kids have food to eat while we're gone. Plus, we'll have mealf for when we bring our kids home!