Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another day...Another freezer cook!

Yep, it was time for another day of freezer cooking with the great Abby Garman!  This time around we decided to do a few breakfast items and cut a few dinner items out.  We don't usually bake simply because it can add a lot of time to the cooking day, however we really wanted some yummy breakfast items to grab in the morning.  The day went really well and everything looked delicious!  There was only one item we didn't get to and we're actually going to make those in a few weeks.  Let me tell you what, I must be getting old because my legs and wrists hurt like the dickens when were done.  I honestly felt like I was 100 years old, but it was totally worth it and as always tons of fun.  I must say cooking without a bunch of kids running around (thanks to our husbands) is easier AND allows us to have good conversation while we are cooking!  If you ever think about freezer cooking I definitely suggest finding a partner to cook with.  We've already decided that at our next freezer cook in November we're going to do a "favorites" menu!  We're looking forward to cooking all of our favorites from the last few months.

Here's our menu with a few pics of our day! We always mean to take more pictures but the day just gets away from us.  Maybe next time right? 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Waffles (well we didn't quite get to making these but we're making them in two weeks!)

Breakfast Cookies -These are REALLY good and very healthy!  Thanks OnceAMonthMom!


Pot Pie

Bacon Ranch Chicken

Honey Lime Enchiladas

Shepherds Pie - Abby and the kids had this for dinner and she said the kids LOVED it. We made these with mashed potatoes instead of tater tots because my husband doesn't like tater tots.  Strange if you ask me, but the mashed potatoes are just as yummy (yes we cheated and used instant.  NOT make 52 servings of mashed potatoes from scratch! Which by the way you were right Abby we needed the whole box!).    

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