Monday, November 7, 2011

A big bop on the head!

As I mentioned in the previous post, this past Sunday was Orphan Sunday and I was a little nervous about going to church.  Well, um, yea all I got was a big huge bop on the top of the head!  It was such a wonderful, amazing, and refreshing morning.  If you go to Apex's site, you can even watch the short videos that were played this weekend (um yea watch until the end)!!  I can't really capture the service by writing about it but at the crux of it all, we were reminded that God adopted us (the sermon was out of 2 Samuel 9 when David brings Mephibosheth into his home).  Without Christ we are all fatherless and crippled and lost.  God sent his one and only Son so that through him we could be saved and ADOPTED into his family!  This is what makes the story of adoption so incredible. So amazing.  If we are a part of the body of Chirst then we are all adopted!!!  Can you hear me practically shouting it from the rooftops right now?  Even though going through this adoption process is the hardest thing we've ever done, we are 100% sure that it is exactly what God wants for our family.  The very last song we sang this weekend has become one of my favorites and I can literally shout it out over and over!  I'm so thankful that God gave me this weekend as a huge bop on the head!
To Know Your Name
The precious blood of Jesus Christ redeems,
Forgiven I'm alive, restored set free.
Your Majesty resides inside of me,
Forever I believe, forever I believe.

Arrested by your truth and righteousness,
Your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness.
Convicted by your spirit, led by your word,
Your love will never fail, your love will never fail.

Cause I know you gave the world
Your only son for us
To know your name
To live within the saviour's love and He took my place
Knowing He´d be crucified
And You loved, You loved
A people undeserving!

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Julie Thompson said...

Hi Tami!
I finally connected with your blog. This past Sunday was really emotional for me and I didn't expect that at all. The video they showed just really got to me. Looking forward to seeing your story unfold.
Julie Thompson