Monday, April 2, 2012

"On Deck"

Most of you already know that last Friday we received our "on deck" e-mail for AWAA!  This means that we are in the top portion of our agency's wait list!  We could be receiving a referral very soon or (of course) it could still be awhile, especially since we are tied at first with three other families!. However, we were very encouraged by the e-mail!  It is ALWAYS good to receive encouraging news. We know that God is in control but I have to be honest and say that we are praying it will be SOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!
Now, you are probably wondering will happen once we get the call.  Once we get the call, we will receive an e-mail with a little information about him and his medical information.  We will then look over his information, pray for and about him, and then decide if we will accept the referral.  Once we do, we will sign the acceptance paperwork and get it sent in.  Next, we will wait again. We will wait to be assigned a court date, which is when our first trip to Ethiopia will take place.  The AVERAGE time between referral and court date is about 8 weeks.  We will travel to Ethiopia, meet our boy, and appear before the judge in court.  I will write more about what the court trip looks like later!  For now, PLEASE continue to pray that we will find out about our boy very very soon.  We would LOVE (I cannot emphasize that enough) to travel to Ethiopia this summer. I would not have to take any unpaid time off of work during the summer and we would have more babysitting options for Amaya. We are praying in faith!!!  God is awesome and can move mountains! We will be at 17 months DTE this coming Thursday.  We know that we have to be patient and that God's timing is perfect even if it doesn't make sense to us!!  We are calling all prayer warriors to join in prayer with us!


TheZacharias4 said...

Incredible news and we are so filled with joy at how close you are. We are praying for your family, and your son, and the whole process to go smoothly. We love you guys!

Julie Thompson said...

I was very excited to see you on the Yahoo group that you received your on deck email. I had hoped to see you Apex to tell you how happy I was for you. Looking forward to seeing how God moves.
Julie Thompson