Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wow, its been awhile!  Yikes, I (Tami) didn't mean for that to happen, but the end of the school year is always a little crazy.  Then as soon as school was out it was time for a little trip to visit family.  It was such a great trip! Now we're back and I think I'm slowly adjusting to the summer schedule.  It's funny how it always takes two weeks for us to adjust to any new schedule.  Of course I LOVE adjusting to our summer schedule! 
I suppose part of the reason that I haven't posted lately is because there has been ZIPPO as far as adoption news.  We are still currently at the top of the list and still "on deck." We're attempting to be as patient as possible, but of course it gets harder each day!  We continually pray.  Last night at church our pastor was preaching on John 14.  He said something at the end, "do you want this situation (whatever that might be) to be over MORE than you want to be like Christ?" Oh so very true.  I want to be like Christ and whatever He chooses to refine me into looking more like Him has to be ok by me.  I love the lessons I"m learning through this very very hard journey of adoption. 
So for now, I am going to enjoy having another summer with my little girl.  We are doing swim lessons, taking a trip to see Mickey, and having fun around the house.  I am very thankful I get another summer with just my girl at home.  Of course we are praying CONTINUALLY for our little guy in Ethiopia and praying we get to see his face very very soon. Please pray with us!  Here's a recent pic of the fam when we traveled to visit family.

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