Thursday, July 12, 2012

asking for prayer

Josh and I had been waiting for a call from our agency about some very important documents that needed to be on the judges desk one week before we arrive in court.  The Ethiopian courts provide a court date for all adoptive parents.  At this time the agency gives them all of the paperwork so that it is there prior to when we appear in court.  Well, a few months back Josh and I had to update a few very important pieces of paper because they were about to expire.  We found out AFTER our referral that we needed these papers certified by the state of Ohio.  We rushed to do that and get it to our agency. However, we (THANK YOU LORD) we were provided a court date VERY quickly and our agency has not had a chance to have these pieces of paper authenticated and on the judges desk.  Therefore, we STILL will appear in court before the judge. However, our agency called today to say that it is very unlikely that we will pass court.  This does not mean that we have to appear AGAIN in court, but it does mean that we will have to wait for all of our paperwork to be in order for the judge to pass us.  With the rainy season approaching and court closures coming soon we could still get stuck waiting to pass until the courts have reopened.  Will you pray with us that ANOTHER miracle (the first one being a very quick court date) will happen and that all of our paperwork will be there.  We serve a MIGHTY God.  This news did not surprise him in the least.  He knows exactly what is going on and has a plan.  We are continually trusting in him. 

Also, please pray for our little man as he's had a bout of sickness this week. Pray for a quick recovery. We thank you so much for praying with us! It means THE WORLD to us and the encouragement from our family and friends has been amazing! 

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