Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Do the airplane daddy!!

It truly is hard to believe that it has been over 6 weeks since we stepped off of the plane with our little man. We were so thankful to celebrate Orphan Sunday last weekend knowing that our little guy is an orphan no more!  Praise God!

                     We also got to dedicate our precious son to the Lord this weekend as well.
                     He took it upon himself to be the funny man on stage.  No surprise there!

Things have been a little crazy around here as we adjust to Josh's travel schedule again.  Plus he's had some obligations at church and has been gone at night for that as well.  The good news?  B has done really well with daddy being gone!!  We are very thankful for that.  We Skype with Josh when he is out of town or talk to him on the phone and B is always very happy to see daddy when he returns.  He gives him lots of hugs and kisses.  B doesn't sleep as well as when daddy isn't home, but that is to be expected.  The bad news?  Well the problem is me.  I don't do so well with it sometimes.  Ha!!  Is that surprise to anyone?  Probably not.  Thank the Lord for his grace during those weeks that daddy is gone.  One thing having a traveling husband does is make you VERY thankful and appreciative of him!  That is for sure.  So we are again adjusting to a new schedule and I know that God is continually teaching me that I need to be OK with change.  I need to expect it to take time for all of us to slowly adjust and not expect some magical instant adjustment (let's be honest here the kids to a lot better with this than I do).

In other news, our little guy went to the ENT last week and it was confirmed that he has very enlarged adenoids.  I was actually glad to hear this and finally have a problem/solution to his very loud snoring and breathing issues.  The doctor thinks it might also be causing some sleep apnea.  Therefore, he goes in tomorrow morning to have them removed.  Although it is usually an outpatient procedure they are keeping him overnight because he is under 18 months old.  We are praying that everything goes well tomorrow.  I pray that little man does well, especially with the whole NOT EATING thing in the morning.  How do you watch your little one look at you with those big brown eyes and NOT give them food?  oh dear me.  Lord give me strength.  OK OK I tend to me a little melodramatic in case you haven't met me in person.  I just blame it on the fact that all music teacher's are a little dramatic right? Seriously though we appreciate your prayers!  We are headed to pick up MiMi tonight who has graciously offered to watch the oldest while we are at the hospital with the youngest.  We are ALL excited to have MiMi in town! yay!!  We thank you in advance for your prayers for tomorrow's surgery. 

I'll leave you with a picture of what happens when daddy enters the door from being gone.  Airplane for BOTH kiddos!!  OH MY!!

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