Friday, January 3, 2014

Day Two

We are currently safe and sound in our hotel for the night after another 8 hour drive today.  We had much better weather today with sunny skies pretty much the entire drive.  Here is a little picture of later on in our trip yesterday. This was a two lane state route.  We were definitely glad to be done with that!

Early on in our trip on day two we headed out of Ohio and into Indiana. 

Then it was onto Illinois (I saw the road sign too late!!) and Missouri!  

Our trip consisted of listening to Adventures in Odyssey, eating snacks (that's what road trips are for right? Thank goodness I stocked up on Trader Joes), coloring, and opening up these fun gifts that Aunt Amy gave us to help make the trip more fun!  She had a whole goodie bag of fun things for the kids to open.

Opening his first bag

A "shooter gun" as he calls it

Bugs life toys!!  (This was right after she puked. More on that later)

Opening her next goodie bag and feeling much better

This "game" kept him quite entertained and he yelled out the colors as he put him in the bucket.  
Aunt Amy is a genius!

The kids did really well today other than some pretty bad car sickness for A.  I found out today she is a silent puker.  Considering she has maybe puked once in her life I guess this is good information to know.  Poor girl can't do a whole lot in the car when we are driving or she is down for the count.  I think she gets it from her daddy.  I think I might need to invest in some Children's Dramamine for the rest of the trip!

We did have a chance to drive right past the Saint Louis Arch.  I was pretty excited about it seeing as how St. Louis is one place I have never visited.  It was a gorgeous day to drive by.

We were able to make it through the day with just a few little stops.  We arrived at our hotel relatively early in the evening and enjoyed dinner, some cuddles, and well we are still working on the sleeping part.  Attempting to turn the OSU game on and keep it on mute wasn't quite working.  I'm hoping the COMPLETE darkness helps the eldest to fall asleep here pretty soon.  We probably look hysterical in the complete darkness on our computers while attempting to get our kiddos to fall asleep.

Cuddling and watching VeggieTales before bed

Tomorrow is actually a considerably shorter drive as we are driving to Wichita, KS to visit friends for a day! I'm very excited about visiting our friend Laura we met in Ethiopia.  Their daughter was in the orphanage with Brandt and we traveled for court together as well as visited each other while we were traveled for embassy.  I sure hope our crazy kids don't overwhelm them too much!!

AND NOW...  Can I just take a minute to say how much I love mini vans?  Ours might be ten years old and showing her age but dang you can pack a lot of stuff in that thing and still somehow manage to climb in the back (shhhh don't tell) when your kids just absolutely must have the toy they have dropped on the floor for the 1000th time!  You can pack three bags of snacks, 2 backpacks, and a toy bag within mom's reach and still not feel like you are a sardine.  Seriously if Honda would ever ask me to be in an Odyssey commercial I'd jump at the chance.  We are praying our baby makes it safely to CO.  If you think about it say a prayer for her too? :)

Well, I'm off to download the Frozen soundtrack with a gift card I received for Christmas and attempt to turn the OSU game back on before the first half is over. 

P.S. I may have forgotten to mention that we were finally able to close on our Dayton house on December 31st.  We are so thankful for that!

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