Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter and Birthday!

After only being here for four months the Easter season was quite busy!  I was very thankful for this as it was not easy being away from family during the Easter season. We enjoyed a wonderful Good Friday service at church.  Then on Saturday we spent the day opening awesome Easter packages from grandparents, dying eggs, going to an Easter egg hunt, out to lunch with our neighbors, and choir practice at church to prepare for Sunday!  I was thankful for the chance to sing with the choir at church on Easter morning celebrating Jesus! On Easter night we enjoyed a great dinner with our neighbors.

dying eggs is serious business

 playing games at the Easter egg hunt

Easter dinner

This year my birthday happened to be just three days after Easter.  I really did have a wonderful day on my birthday!  Our small group even had me blow out candles and my neighbor brought me yummy treats!  Truly blessed.  When Josh asked me where I'd like to go out to eat for my birthday I suggested we go to "Snooze" for breakfast and then take a trip to the Springs and go to Garden of the Gods.  We really had such a great time.  I was so thankful for a family day!!

Taking pics while we wait to be seated
Nothing like being silly at 7 AM

more silliness from our silly guy

Have I mentioned this is my favorite place for breakfast?

After breakfast we drove down to Garden of the Gods.  What a gorgeous day!

All this girl wanted to do was climb.  She kept asking for more. 

We stopped to eat lunch along the way

The fun wasn't over yet!  After our hike and lunch we decided to surprise the kids with a trip to Focus on the Family to Whit's End. Amaya has recently really gotten into listening to Adventures in Odyssey and we knew she'd love the trip.  In fact, we all did!! 

Ice Cream at Whit's End

the big slide

Guess which kid fell asleep on the way home?  Yep the 5 year old.  The 2 year old however apparently got a second wind.  Let's just say everyone went to bed early that night!!  I'm so thankful for a great family day. I'm also thankful for all of the birthday cards and birthday boxes sent by my family and friends.  It truly meant SO MUCH!!  I miss you all and love you!  Thank you for making my birthday so very special. 

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Allison Walton said...

What fun! I loved Adventures in Odyssey! Can't wait to introduce them to Avonlea when she gets a little older.

And girl! Your skin looks like porcelain! Gorgeous!!