Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Visitors!!

I've been pretty silent over the past month and half.  This is due to the fact that this summer has been fill with visitors and we have loved it!  Thankfully we moved to a place that is filled with fun places to explore.  Our first visitors were my cousin Faith and her husband Andy.  They were taking a trip out west for their 5th anniversary and stopped by our house on the way back for three days.  We loved having them here. 

Next, Rachel came to visit all the way from WI! We had such a blast having girl time together with Mandy (it is so nice to have a friend from college that lives right here in CO!).  It was very refreshing time to rejuvenate and have great conversation together.  It was as if not a single moment had gone by since the last time we all saw each other.

After Rachel flew out, it was time for Mom Rogers, Amber, Ali and Mike to visit!  Josh created an itinerary filled with fun CO activities.

Fort Collins Brewery Tour

Hard decision for meal choices at Snooze
 Brandt's 3rd birthday party. Could not have done this without everyone's help!

Aunt Boo's Pirate ship and the cupcakes everyone helped make!

Hiking in Boulder and then shopping on Pearl street afterwards

 Cog train up Pike's Peak

Garden of the Gods

Dayton Botanic Gardens

Honestly the time just flew by so quickly!  From the brewery tour to Boulder to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival to the Cog Train it was so much fun spending time with family. Next, MiMi and Poppy came for a visit.  Once again the time just flew by and we were able to plan lots of activities to enjoy with the family.

A very special extended weekend trip to Breckenridge.

Celestial Seasonings Tour in Boulder

These alpine slides in Breck were so much fun!!!  

We do have another visitor arriving in August!!  PapPap will be here for a few days in just a few weeks and everyone is looking forward to his visit.  For now it is pretty quiet around here and the kids are getting adjusted to just having mom around.  I am busy preparing for home school and attempting to organize the house as much as possible before the school year begins in just three short weeks.
     We are beginning to settle into our life here in CO.  There are definitely still hard days. Mostly for me.  For some reason any birthday or holidays hit really hard.  I remember the "used tos" of our life in Dayton.  We used to go to the festival in Centerville or we used to see fireworks at so and so's house.  Skyping with Dayton friends on birthdays just isn't quite the same as being there with them.  If I think a lot about the fact that we won't be seeing family again until Christmas I get very teary eyed.  When you've spent almost 10 years of your life "doing" life with the same people you grow attached.  You miss how life used to be with them.  You miss movie nights and game nights with those friends and you miss seeing your kids grow up together.  Phone calls and skype are good.  Hugs are sometimes just a little better.  You miss family being within driving distance.  In some ways maybe maybe the ache will always be there.  I'm not really sure.  However, I am sure that God has us here for a reason.  He has provided every step of the way and we continue to trust in Him with each next step we take.  He has provided new friends, a new church, new neighbors, and we are beginning to build life here.  With every step I must make the decision to trust Him completely.  In three weeks a new phase of life will begin.  Brandt will begin preschool and Amaya will be home schooled using classical conversation in Kindergarten.  Perhaps these things might not be happening if he hadn't moved us out of our comfort zone.  Perhaps he has MUCH MUCH more to teach us.  This means I must listen to his whispers and trust his leading.  He is good.  He is our LIGHTHOUSE.  He is faithful and He is strong when I am weak.  We thank every one of our visitors from the summer for taking the time/money to come and see us.  You have truly made our summer unforgettable.

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Allison Walton said...

Sorry we didn't get to see you while we were going through CO. We will definitely get back that way, though.

It *does* get easier in some ways. I still look wistfully at pictures from people back home, sad for what we are missing--but so thankful that God is providing some "family away from family" here in LA for us. It will never be the same, but it helps ease it for me. I will say--thank God your kids grew up knowing their grandparents before moving away--it makes me sad that Avonlea doesn't know her grandparents, and has to "get used" to them each time we see each other. :(