Thursday, November 6, 2008

So today I"m (Tami) thinking I'm starting the search for a cleaning person. Now I don't need someone every week, but I think every other week will do. I was talking to a few people at work who have someone and they were saying how nice it is. I think this will make Saturday mornings at our house much more enjoyable considering right now all we do every Saturday from the morning until late afternoon is clean and I'm exhausted as it is. If Saturday morning isn't free then it just makes the week almost unbearable as I'm trying to work and get home, make dinner, and clean. Plus the other stuff like laundry and know how it goes:) Its the same for everyone. So alas, I begin the search!

Well it's later in the evening, about 11:45pm and I (Josh) just got home from a long day of work and band practice at APEX. The last couple days have been a bit of a blur. Yesterday we went and visited another day care and had our child care classes at the hospital. The great news is both Tami and I loved this day care. The director was extremely personable and seemed to know every child's name which was pretty amazing. It is also slightly closer to our house. Even though it was a great visit I know that my wife would love to find someone to watch our child. It is so hard to think about trying to find someone to watch our child before we have even met her for the first time.

The child care classes were also very good. The instructor, who Tami and I both struggled to pay attention to at times, was overall very good. I personally am beginning to realize how much of a responsibility this whole child raising thing is going to be. I definitely don't feel like I am prepared or even qualified to be a dad, but then again who is, right?

Anyway, lots is changing in our lives everyday and we are so excited. We will definitely keep you posted.

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