Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wow, what a great weekend. Josh and I drove up to my parents on Friday night. Saturday was filled with LOTS of fun activities. Saturday morning was the first women's brunch at their church I've been able to attend after 14 years! The food and singers and speakers were great and it was a fun family event because the guys also helped serve the food.
Then my mom, dad, Kristan, Josh and some friends worked feverishly to get ready for the shower on Saturday night (it was in the same room as the brunch so everything needed torn down and set back up! The shower was great. Go here for some great pictures!
We were so blessed to receive such nice gifts. We received a pack n' play, high chair, baby bath, baby thermometer, baby monitor, baby healthcare kit, and much much more! Amaya is going to be so stylish:) Needless to say we are speechless at God's faithfulness and so thankful for such a giving family. We are also ready to meet our precious little daughter and pray for her constantly. We thank the Lord for his many blessings!

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