Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Splish Splash I was taking a bath...

We just had to post this pic of Amaya and her bath time. Its rare you catch a smile during her bath!! January has seemed to go so quickly! Amaya was 1 month old yesterday and is growing like crazy. We are starting to see smiles and love seeing her move her hands and feet when she's excited! Tami is still loving being at home with Amaya until she goes back to work in March (dreading the thought of it) and Josh loves coming home to his girls every night. We took our first trip to Tami's parents this weekend. Amaya did well and lots of family came to visit her. It is crazy how much stuff needs packed now that we have a kid! She slept well in her pack n' play though so we were thankful for that. Josh was able to lead worship at Skyview Ranch in Millersburg, Ohio while we were there. He enjoyed himself and was glad he had the opportunity to lead.

We're looking forward to visitors in February. The first weekend in February Josh's sister and Tami's mom will be in town to visit and help babysit. We have a wedding that weekend (Justin and Abi) and are excited to celebrate their lives together! The second weekend in February Nana and Ali are coming to stay for 4 whole days! We know Nana is very excited about getting time to spend with her granddaughter. Mommy and daddy get a date night that weekend too!! We think February will be busy, but God is good and we are looking forward to the month ahead.

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