Monday, February 23, 2009

Amaya turns 2 months old

Wow, its hard to believe that Amaya Grace is 2 months old today. She started smiling this week much to our delight. We've decided she's too much like momma and is a morning person because the smiles are much more frequent in the morning and not so much at night. Poor daddy (not so much a morning person). Daddy and Amaya love their Sunday afternoon cuddle time together though. Amaya has also decided that sleeping at night is a good thing and is sleeping almost 8 hours straight every night for the most part. Praise the Lord! We were praying this would happen before Tami was to go back to work. Tami heads back to work in just one more short month. This will be a very hard adjustment for all of us and we covet your prayers as we make the adjustment. We thank the Lord for our good friend, Melissa, who will be watching Amaya while Tami is at work. We continue to praise God for his faithfulness!
This picture is blurry but its the best one I've gotten so far of her smile. More to come soon!


kristin noel said...

Amaya looks just like you Tami! She the most darling little one I've ever seen. Lovin' those big brown eyes! Praying for you as you parent, adjust to so many things, and plan for the future.

the clemensuz said...

Aww, I feel honored to watch her soon! You guys are such great're doing an awesome job!!