Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wow, has it really been since June since we updated our blog? This is getting quite ridiculous. I think its because I still feel a little funny blogging. Some people are so comfortable with it and could write and write (did you watch "Julie and Julia?"). However, I sit and look at the screen and my mind is blank. I will attempt my best this year to do a better job at updating!

Things in the Rogers household are going well and we thank the Lord every day for his many blessings. Josh is still working at workflowone as a Human Resources Manager and I (Tami) spend my days with the Kindergarten - Fourth graders teaching music. Amaya just turned 1 year old and we can't get enough of her little smile. She is learning new things every day and says a few words now like "daddy," "mama," "hi," and "woof, woof."

God is teaching every day how much we truly need him and his patience with us in incredible. He is such a merciful Father! I just found a new website you need to check out. Its called You can set up Bible reading plans for yourself or a group of people, pick your translation, journal, and do lots of neat stuff. Thanks to Erinne Fullam for sharing!

Well this is actually a long post for a non blogger like myself so I'll leave you with a few of Amaya's 1 year pictures!

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Allison (Dog Mom) said...

She is so stinkin' cute. :) Who did these pics?