Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yes this is my 2nd post in 1 week! I told you I was going to try hard at getting better at this.
Well it has been snowing lots in Ohio this week, which I liked as long as I could be snuggled up on the couch! Friday school was cancelled and Amaya and I had all day to lounge around the house! It was wonderful (umm, other than that she chose that day to refuse to take her afternoon nap, ha). I absolutely love the fact that being a teacher means I still get to act like a kid when school is canceled for the day. Too bad our Calamity Days will be taken away soon!

Today I continued my Once A Month Cooking adventures with Melissa. Next month we will have been cooking together for 1 year. Today it went really well! This month was repeats of favorite meals from other months. Let me tell you what this burrito recipe is awesome!! You should definitely try it. Very yummy. Melissa and I started cooking at about 8:30 and finished about 4:00 including clean up. Not too bad considering we made meals for an entire month! It really does save me SO much time during the week it is amazing!

Alas, it is time to sit and relax for the rest of the evening! I have a feeling that means watch playoff games with Josh.


The Boehlers said...

So it sounds like once a month mom cooking is convenient, is it cheaper too???

The Rogersuz said...

Actually, it is cheaper if you shop the sales!! WE only spent 125 dollars last month for our main meals!! Now I still have to buy sides and milk and bread, etc. But it still saves money. check out