Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Family Time

This weekend my parents were able to come and visit us. I was very excited (as I always am) because my dad has been very busy building an addition on their house and hasn't made the trip down in awhile. We had such a great weekend. I got a little shopping/girl time in with my mom and we all went out to lunch at the Rusty Bucket (YUM!) and enjoyed our fried pickles! On Sunday we went to church, took afternoon naps, and then mom, Josh, and I went and saw "WICKED" at the Schuster in downtown Dayton. I love going to see musicals. My dad doesn't quite understand the love but for me its a few hours to escape and enjoy the incredible talent of other people. It was a great show and although I had already seen it once in Chicago it was well worth it. As always the weekend flew by without us even paying attention and it was time for "Mimi and Poppy" to leave. I'm so glad that Amaya loves both sets of her grandparents so much!! We love when they come to visit us in Dayton. Here is a video of them playing Ring Around the Rosie Together.

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