Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google Reader

Well as in most things in life I"m a little behind the times. For example, when capris were all the new craze I hated them. Yes despised them. Then 2 years later when they were still "sort of" in style I happened to decide that I liked them. When UGG boots were the new fashion I thought they were so ugly. Once again, now I envy people who can pull off that whole "skinny jeans" and boots look (heck no not these thighs in those jeans!). Well when this whole "Blog" thing started I wasn't really all that sure about it. I didn't really get the point or know what people had to blog about all of the time. Now, however, I love reading other blogs and I follow several. Well, I was very excited when Amy Wells showed me how to use google reader. It organized all of my blogs for me and shows me the newest post that I have not read and its all in one place!! This is just what I had been hoping for! No more typing in the blogs or putting them all in my favorties (hey! I said I was behind the times). So I'm sure everyone else knows about this great tool, but I am enjoying it now (just like capri pants and UGG boots).


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Next thing you know you'll be wearing leggings on days other than Halloween. :)

LisaMarie said...

I didn't know about Google reader and I've been blogging for YEARS! But I'm just like you on the capris and UGGs. :)

Tricia@onceamonthmom.com said...

And it won't be too long before you figure out the difference between full feed and partial feed (remember asking about that?) LOL. Welcome to the 21st Century! :)