Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow, the days have flown by the last two weeks! Last weekend we were blessed to have Mom Rogers, Ali, and Amber visiting!! It was such a blast. The trip included Prom dress shopping for Ali, Valentine's day treats for all, a trip to Brio (a yummy restaurant), a game of Skip-Bo, a late birthday celebration with Amaya, and a special date night for Josh and I!
Amaya loved the time with her Nana and her aunts and was of course spoiled. Nana and Ali made it out just in time for the snow storm to hit, which meant another snow day on Tuesday!! We are now up to our 4th snow day with one more left before we have to start making them up. UG, let's hope that doesn't happen.

Josh left on Tuesday for San Fransisco and was gone until Friday morning. Amaya and I are very glad to have him back and are enjoying our Saturday with him! Josh and I are headed to church and are looking forward to talking to people about raising money for tents to give to people in Haiti. The rainy season has started and people desperately need tents. Check out

Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Nana made Amaya her very own Raggedy Ann!
It is so very cute. Oh, and check out our AWESOME
quilt on the couch. Yes, made by Nana. We love it:)

Amaya had a chance to celebrate her birthday (late)
with Nana and the girls. She actually ate the cake this time!!

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