Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cooking with Mom

The Rogers household has been quite busy lately. Josh took a missions trip to Honduras last week and hopefully he'll post some pictures soon. His trip went well and we are glad that he is home safely. We continue to fill out the many adoption papers and gather other important documents. We have our first meeting (of four) with our social worker this Friday morning. We are also working on getting a garage sale together in July as a fundraiser for the adoption. More information on that soon!

This week Amaya and I had some fun making brownies together. After I saw my friend Amanda and her daughter cooking together I was excited to cook with Amaya! Now when I say "making" brownies I mean straight out of the box. I am a Hershey girl through and through but when it comes to brownies I have come to believe that there are no better brownies in the world (even homemade) than Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Boxed Brownies. Seriously so delicious! So Amaya and I had some fun making them together...

First we got out the bowl and box

Then we pour the mix in the bowl

Then the oil and water (mama put in the egg)

Stir it up!

Ready to go in the oven

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amanda said...

yay! so much fun :o) your pictures turned out much better than mine! and i agree...those brownies are the best i've ever had!