Thursday, June 10, 2010

The new two trip policy and where we put our hope!

Well, as we said things can always change when you are in the process of adopting. We found out last week that we will now be required to travel twice to Ethiopia when the time comes. All adopting parents are required to travel to Ethiopia for their court date as well as when they pick up their precious child. Yes, this does mean more expenses and more vacation time from work, but like we keep saying: God is in control! The first AWAA family required to travel for court just arrived back in the U.S. and said that the trip went well. They were able to hold their baby, which they said they were VERY grateful for because they had the chance to see him at such a young age. Babies grow so fast and to have the memory of him so young was wonderful. Hopefully by the time Josh and I need to travel we'll know a few more details about that first trip and will keep you updated. For now, its more of the paper chase!! I, Tami, was able to go and get our copy of our marriage license this week (all documents have to be dated within five years) and was laughing because even that seemed like a big, ok HUGE, accomplishment and I was delighted to be able to cross something off of the gigantic to do list. The nice lady also gave it to me for free!! Ok, it was only supposed to be 2 dollars, but I still felt as if God was using that little moment to say, "Please trust me. I have you in my arms." Wow, such an awesome thought. How easy it is for us to doubt. I was reading this morning in Genesis 18 about the laughing Sarah. How many times have I laughed or doubted that God could do something amazing? I do know where to put my trust and every morning when I wake up I want this to be my prayer, "My hope is in You!" So as I continue to collect documents and fill out paper work I remember what a mighty God we serve.

Prayer Request: Please pray for Josh as he leaves on a missions trip to Honduras on Saturday. I'm so glad God has called him to serve and am praying that I will not worry about him while he is gone, but will once again trust!

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Kathleen said...

You are such an inspiration! Looking forward to following your blog and watching as your journey unfolds:)