Thursday, August 26, 2010

getting there!

Today we had our last meeting with our social worker. It went well and our home study is written and ready to go. However we are still waiting on our child abuse clearance to go through. The last time our social worker talked to the office they said that they are still currently working ones that were sent in May. Ours wasn't sent until June 11. So we could still be waiting some time. Our social worker is waiting until Monday and then writing an e-mail that specifically states the names of the 4 families she is working with that are just "waiting" on the child abuse clearance to go through. Apparently they have had an increase of clearances to do this year + budget cuts and government employees cut which = BIG TIME BACK UP. So we continue to pray that our clearance will go through so that we can get our home study sent to MO and be waiting for the next important piece of paper. We also pray daily that God would provide patience and understanding as we wait. We aren't sure we can explain the longing we have for our son some days, but can say that it is no different than when we were waiting for Amaya to come into the world. We pray for him daily and know that God will keep him safe in his arms.


allenaim photography and design said...

You guys have such a great photo on your blog...there's just enough room for one more, right?? :)

Hope y'all are well..praying for your babe!

Trevor, Sarah, Acacia, and Eliana Schuh said...

Thanks for the update, Tami. Sooo glad to hear things are pulling together. Playing for that clearance to come through.