Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prayer for patience...

The school year began this week. Wow, where did the summer go? I'm so thankful we had a fun summer and that I could spend time with Amaya. Now its back to the grind! I've been having fun planning concerts and finding great songs for the kids. I enjoy the beginning of the school year and love that I get to experience that "back to school" feeling every year.

I titled this post prayer because we'd love for you to pray for us in several ways during this portion of the adoption process:

1.) We are STILL waiting on child abuse clearances to come back. Our social worker said that it "should" only take about 1 week, however it has been taking more than 70 days for her to get all of her clearances back for her families. She has no idea why. She sent ours in on 6/11 and we are still just waiting. We can't do anything until this returns.

2.)This brings me to the patience part. Please pray that we will be patient and not become discouraged. I know that God has his perfect timing.

We are set to meet our social worker for the last time next Thursday. It would be a MIRACLE if our child abuse clearance went through by then so that we were ready to send our home study on. We're praying that this would happen! Thanks for praying for the adoption and our precious son.

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