Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend getaways and more waiting!

This weekend we visited our family in Northeast Ohio. Tami's cousin, Stephanie, got hitched and Josh worked hard with Bud on the house! We also got to see our PRECIOUS nephew and we just couldn't get enough of him. Here are a few pictures from the weekend...

Mimi with the grandkids

The guys working hard

The cutest nephew EVER!

The beautiful bride

and as for the waiting part we are still waiting to hear back from our social worker about our home study. Hopefully we hear back soon and can send our homestudy on with the rest of our paper work. I wanted to share a blog post from one of my dear friends that I have met through AWAA. There are many people that ask "Why, Oh Why?" about our choice to adopt. I think answers are exceptional and reflect exactly how we feel! I know we already wrote a letter answering these questions, but please check this post out!

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KyToone said...

Thanks sweet girl! :) I hope I did it justice. I know you two share our hearts on this matter! Much love to you!