Sunday, August 1, 2010

Change of Pace...

Summer has been flying by, but alas, we have made it through most of the craziness and are looking forward to our last few days of summer before Tami heads back to school (in less that 2 weeks!!). God has blessed us with lots of fun family time over the last few weeks. Amaya loves the park and mommy and daddy love taking her there so it works out well and its free (big plus). Here's a picture of her being a little monkey.

Our paper-chase continues to go well. It is hard to believe that we have already been gathering documents and working through this process for over 3 months. The exciting part is that we feel like we are nearing the finish line as far as our part of the paper work goes. The big piece that remains is our final home study. Once we have received this from our social worker we will be sending that in to the government and will be waiting once more for a very important piece of paper called the i171H form. Once we fill this form out and get fingerprinted once more we can begin making arrangements to see that our dossier is ready to send to the Ethiopian government. We are praying that this happens over the next couple of months, but as always God is in control!! We are planning several fundraisers over the next few months as the costs of each tiny item in the process is mind boggling, but once more God is in control. We continue to pray for our son daily and ask that you do the same. We love him already and cannot explain the peace we feel as each part of the process to bringing our precious babe home unfolds.


Trevor, Sarah, Acacia, and Eliana Schuh said...

So thankful that each day brings you closer to being with your son. Praise God for all He is accomplishing in and through you!

Anonymous said...

Hey i like the new blog design :o)

looking forward to hearing about these fundraisers and how we can help out!