Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prayers Answered!!

We received an e-mail from our social worker yesterday stating that our Child Abuse Clearances had gone through (after only 97 days) and that she would be sending our Home Study to us in priority mail. WAHOO!!! So what is the next step? We send our Home Study to MO and wait (yes once again) for 2 things. 1.) An appointment to get fingerprinted AGAIN. 2.) A from in the mail called the i171H. This form states that our son can be an American Citizen. For now we are thanking God for bringing us one step closer to bringing our son home!

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Susan said...

Congrats on getting your home study done! That is so exciting.
You had left a comment wondering about our chili cookoff. We are still working out the kinks, but we are starting to publicize it on the radio and in other churches, etc. Then we will post a sign up sheet and a place on the blog to sign up to enter the chili cook off. Of course we will allow any entries the day of. We are providing chili for everyone to eat and we will have little (shot glass type) glasses for people to walk through and taste the different chili types and then they vote by donating money to the chili they like the best. We have a donated prize for the winner and we pray that people will be generous with their voting:)
We are also having a presentation about Ethiopia and we are trying to set up a small section that shows life in Ethiopia for people to see what a beautiful country it is. That way people can walk through the exhibit and look around at the auction items while they wait for their chance to try the chili and vote. Then when everyone is enjoying their chili, we plan on having a "live auction" for entertainment and in hopes of generous and friendly bidding competition. Hope this helps you,if you come up with any ideas that sounds better please let me know. We are trying to work out the kinks.
I am so excited for your journey!