Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sending that home study on its way!

Thankfully our home study arrived on Thursday afternoon. Yes, I opened it as fast as I could and wanted to jump in the car and go to UPS right then and there! However, I was patient enough to wait until Josh got home and we decided we would make sure we had the correct address because we had already sent in our i600a form earlier. So we waited until Friday after work and all took a trip to UPS together. I think the UPS man thought we were a little bit nuts, but he was very nice. So we put the home study in an envelope and sent it off to Missouri. We are praying it finds its way safely there and is added to the collection of our other documents and i600form that was previously sent. Although we still have to wait to get fingerprinted again and for our i171H form, I am feeling like I want to make sure we have all our necessary documents for our Dossier. One of the things I have left to do is put together a 4 page photo book of our family. I have NO idea why I keep putting it off. That should be the fun part right? SO I"m hoping to get that part done this week. Although we are super excited about being one step further in the process we are still faithfully praying that God will help us have the funds necessary to send in our dossier whenever the time comes. We fully trust that he will show us the way! Amaya wasn't really in the mood to smile so this is our best try....

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