Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yes I"m Thankful for..

Yesterday I was thinking a lot about our "jobs". You know, the ones we scurry out the door for every day in hope that we will be on time! The ones that sometimes we don't always act very thankful for. There are times in everyone's life when a job is simply a "job." However, Josh and I have been very blessed and I need to constantly remind myself of that. I am at a great school with a great supportive staff and great kids. I get all the major holidays off plus a great break in the summer. Great right? Josh has a job that allows him to work from home if he needs to, which means when we are traveling we can usually leave a day early and spend more time with family. They have been very understanding about the adoption and have let Josh make all of his appointments. He enjoys what he does (most days) and is learning a lot about his field in the process. When I look at where we are now and how God has brought us here I am so thankful for his guidance in our lives. I am so thankful for God's provision. No, it might not be exactly the way I pictured life at this time, but God's plan is PERFECT.

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