Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time to party!

It might be kind of ironic that the last post was all about how I am thankful for our jobs. This post is all about being thankful for times to relax and chill with family! Josh and I rotate holidays every year. This year we were at my family's house for Thanksgiving. My parents just finished a great addition on their home that we love spending time in! We ate a GREAT Thanksgiving dinner and also celebrated Christmas together since Josh and I will be in Hershey for Christmas! We also had a great time with my dad's side of the family. I really did spend my time thanking God over and over again for his many blessings. I thanked him for the little things that I so often take for granite like Family and Food, things our son most likely does not have much of. I prayed that if our son is already born that God would wrap his arms right around him.
Here are a few pics of our Thanksgiving/Christmas fun:
Cousins chillin on the couch

Lots of kisses

Reading with poppy

Chillin with "ma" (great grandma)

Uncle Matt

Opening Christmas Presents

I can't believe I am posting myself in my pajamas. However,
I was very excited about my new Shark Vac N' Steam!

My beautiful mother and I.

My Aunt Pam and her daughter, Maria.

My Aunt Mary and I.

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jkseevers said...

great pics, Tami! Thanks for sharing :) Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!!