Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Month and counting!

Today is December 4, 2010. This officially means that we have been on the waiting list for...

Although the wait has just begun it feels great to be 1 month closer to meeting our little guy! There haven't been many referrals (people receiving information on their child for the first time) this month, however one of the orphanages has been waiting on their renewed License and things on the Embassy side have been backed up as well. As you can imagine, when one thing backs up, they ALL back up. This is the EBB and FLOW of the adoption process. We are continually praying that more movement would happen soon for the many families that have been waiting patiently much longer than us. We pray that their children will be able to go home soon.
Last night, I was at our best friend's house. I watched 2 things that really got me thinking. There was an NBC movie special on titled, A Walk in My Shoes. Now, I know these movies are sometimes very cheesy and our friend Mark was making fun of me for loving these "Hallmark" movies. However, although the movie was not written from a Christian worldview, it still have a very good message. Do we really take the time to think about what it is like to walk in other peoples' shoes? REALLY? I might try sometimes, especially with my kids at school, but take it one step further. How does CHRIST see these people? How does He view them? How would he treat them? What should it really look like if we are walking like he walked on this world every day of our lives? Would we treat people differently? Maybe we would have more compassion and understanding? Wow, I have a lot to learn. I fear that God must get awful disappointed in me a lot. So we also happened to keep the TV on after the movie was over and Dateline was on (we really never randomly have the TV on). It was a special on the Sudan. I know there are many different political views on the problem. However, my heart hurts for the people of the Sudan. The fear and the uncertainty that they face every day must be unbearable. I cannot imagine the things these people face every day. It got me thinking about the comforts of my own life. I take them for granite so often. I rarely think about how blessed I am. There are people right here in my own community that are in need, in my own state, in my country, and in other countries around the world. There are people that live in fear of their lives every single day. There are people that go to bed every night praying that when they wake up their child will still be there and that their child will still be alive. I had a very restless night of sleep. It was the good kind of restless sleep though. The kind of restlessness that makes you realize that God is working on your heart. When you REALLY pray for God to break your heart for what breaks His, he WILL do it. It will not be easy, however, it only brings you closer to Him. I should yearn to share God with other every day of my life. My heart breaks into pieces knowing that above all these people may not know about the One living God.
Below is a video that is a MUST MUST see. It simply brought me to tears and is a constant reminder of our call as sons and daughters of the living God. (You can push pause on the music on the blog by scrolling down and clicking pause on the right hand side).


Dustin & Megan said...

Happy onemonthiversary DTE buddy! Jody already tagged me on facebook and it reminded me to say ONE MONTH CLOSER to fellow DTE's :)

jkseevers said...

great post, Tami! Isn't that video by Eric Ludy AMAZING? I've listened/watched it several times, and it still makes me cry. I love that God is opening up my eyes to see the hurting and lost all over the world. I'm even more excited to do something about it!

Happy One Month Anniversary! We'll be celebrating ours next weekend:)

Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday!

We'll talk soon...