Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How the freezer saves my life!

Yes, you read it correctly. I am in love with my freezer. I'll get back to that in just one second. First of all, however, we have officially been DTE for 3 months now! WAHOO! Even though the average wait time has been pushed back to 5-8 months we are still so excited to have been waiting for 3 months already. I have to admit that I"m getting antsy to do stuff like decorate his bedroom and reorganize the house for another little one, but I'm trying to hold off until the early spring. As for right now, I have lots of ideas for the room floating around in my head!

We also planned a pancake breakfast fundraiser for February 19th at my parents house!! We are super excited to cook up some yummy pancakes and sausage and perhaps get to share a little about how God led us to adopt.

Now, back to the freezer. Back in February of 2009 my friend Melissa introduced me to Tricia and her wonderful Once a Month Mom blog (seriously check it out). From the first time Melissa and I cooked I was hooked! We took an entire Saturday, cooked a bunch of meals and froze them. We continued to do this for over a year. Why does this save my life? Well, after coming home from work, the LAST thing I want to do is slave over a stove for over an hour, and my 2 yr old does NOT appreciate that either! Its wonderful to have yummy pre-made meals that I can come home and stick in the oven or put in the crock pot in the morning. Well, as of last month my freezer had NOTHING in it. I was missing those meals that I could come home from work and stick in the oven! Therefore, my friend Abby agreed to cook up some meals with me! Oh, how wonderful! Let me just say that we even took 4 kids with us when we shopped for all of the food and we survived. This time we decided to get together on Friday night and do all of the prep work. We also decided to cook our two soups over night so that we could simply put them in containers the next morning (GREAT idea). On Saturday we spent the day jammin to some great music and cooking lots of food. Now I have a freezer full of food and a happy family!

Abby is gearing up to cook.

Can we say taco roll ups?


Wellstopia said...

Looks like you girls had a great time! :)

jkseevers said...

wish we lived closer so that we could come to your pancake bfast! Happy 3 month DTE! We'll be celebrating our 3 month DTE next weekend! on my birthday!!

Have a great weekend:)