Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Day

The ice is now upon us! This has been quite a January for so many. Snow and ice have given us our fair share of problems and I have to stay I am definitely ready for spring!! However, being a teacher means that I get a day at home with my little girl on snow/ice days! I cannot lie. I love these days. We definitely have fun together, plus I feel like I can catch up on a few things that need done around the house and sometimes I can even bake a special treat! I"m not sure I"ll be talking about how much I like the days when we're making them all up in June though! BLAH. But for now I'm cozy in the warm home (thankful we have electricity) watching my little girl play with her baby dolls and thanking God that Josh made it safely to work.
For those of you that aren't aware, our agency saw 5 referrals last week! That is so very exciting!! That means 5 families got to see a picture of their beautiful child/children for the first time. It was more referrals than we have seen since going DTE on November 4, 2010 so it was very exciting. For those of you that like numbers that puts us at approximately number 21 on the list for an infant boy (not an official list). You can be in prayer that more and more children would be united with their families over the next few weeks and months as things have slowed down significantly in Ethiopia and many families are anxiously awaiting court and embassy dates. I know that I have probably explained the next few parts of the process before, but just in case you are still confused here is a very simplified version of it looks like:

1. Receive a referral for a specific child. Sign the paper work saying that yes we want to adopt this child. At this time we see pictures, receive health information, and any other information they might have on the child.
2. Wait for a court date.
3. Receive a court date and set plans to travel to Ethiopia!
4. Travel to Ethiopia and meet our son and spend some time with! Go to court. All paper work for us and the child must be present at court to pass court. I'll write more about all of this paper work as the process continues. They will ask us a series of questions about the adoption and we are praying we pass the first time. If we don't pass, we do not have to stay in Ethiopia. Our other court dates will take places without us there. Fly home by ourselves.
5. Pass Court
6. Wait for an embassy date.
7. Receive an embassy date and set plans to travel to Ethiopia for a second time!
8. Travel to Ethiopia and hug and kiss our son one million times:) Go to our embassy appointment. Once again all paperwork MUST be in order. We must be cleared by the embassy.
9. Fly home!

That's an overview of what the months after our referral will look like. As you can see there are many steps in the process and we MUST be patient, however hard that is. This would not be possible with knowing that God has everything safe in his arms. We know He has a special little guy just for us and we pray for him every single day.


mbonam said...

An "Ice Day" allows me to do the things I have been meaning to do for a long time and never seem to do. So . . . I finally ordered a t-shirt. So sorry it took me so long. Please know we love you all and pray that all that you are endeavoring to do for you adoption will come to happen in God's will and time. xoxoxo

Charity Roach said...

Just happened upon your blog and wanted to stop by and say hello. My husband and I just arrived home from Ethiopia in November with our daughter! What an exciting journey. I look forward to following your journey to bring your son home!

The Rogersuz said...

Thanks Aunt Mary! Will send soon:) Charity that is so exciting! Thanks for following our journey!