Friday, August 5, 2011

A Freezer Full and happy 9 months DTE!

Yes its true! As of yesterday we had been DTE for 9 months. Its a little hard to believe that we've been on the waiting list for 9 months, but to be honest we know that it could still be quite some time before we receive a referral so we just continue to trust and pray for our little guy wherever he might be. Its definitely really really tough to say the least. We want our little guy home. We want to know who he is and see his face. However, I have to trust and know that God's plan is the best. We are also praying A LOT for several friends that we've met in our agency. They are waiting for their MOWCYA letter so that they can pass court before courts close next week. Our God is awesome and we are praying that they'll be able to go get their kiddos VERY soon!

This week it was time for another freezer cook with my good friend Abby! It was a fun filled day of cooking and filling bags full of yummy food. I have to say that these meals look DELICIOUS and we did it pretty cheap this time too! I also remembered to take some pics this time too so you can see a little more what our cooking days look like! Here's a list of our menu with some pics!

Basil Chicken over angel hair
Salsa Chicken (2)
Slow Cooker Chicken Marsala
Mini Meat loaves
Soyaki Chicken stirfry
Slow cooker fajitas
Marinara sauce
Taco meat

Egg Casserole Cups

Vegged Out Sloppy Joes (SO YUMMY)

Lasagna Soup

Yes Coffee is a MUST!


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