Monday, August 1, 2011

Great summer and 9 months...almost

Can it truly be August 1st? The summer has flown by and I am so thankful for the wonderful summer God gave our family. We were able to visit family and take a great trip to the beach, which we actually did not expect to do this summer! Amaya enjoyed every moment of the water and sand at the beach and we like to call her a true "beach bum." We also had a special visit from my parents and my precious nephew last week. It was such a treat to have them for a few days! My nephew is 18 months and full of energy. I cannot believe this little guys vocabulary! He sure is a talker and the kid does not shorten anything he says. Seeing this little guy running around saying "refrigerator" and "bathroom" was the best. He slept and ate like a pro and it was such a joy to have him in our home. I hope his mommy and daddy will let him take another little trip soon!

In other news, we are in the throws of potty training in our house. There are moments like today when I think we have arrived. Dry underwear and going in the potty all day today was a huge success, but I am reminded on the not so good days that we are still working on it and that's just life! We have learned that anything princess is a huge reward for our daughter and going to the sitter has actually helped her out a lot because another little boy there is potty trained. Her sitter is really good at being firm but kind about using the potty. I have to admit this potty training stuff is tough. I'm thinking that if we just taught 3 month old how to sit on the potty maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal later in life, ha!

August also means that in just a few shorts days I will be back to work! Wow, how does the summer go by so quickly? I was already in my classroom today and I'm glad that there is always an excitement about the beginning of the school year. There is also always a bit of anxiety as I know our schedule will once again be changing and getting back to our routine isn't always easy. I am so thankful that God blessed us with a great little girl that is very flexible! She has already informed us that she is now ready to go to school (preschool? yikes!!).

In adoption news this week will mark our 9 month DTE date. Can you believe it? I'm posting now because I'll be at a workshop (yes with the Double Dream Hands man himself) at the end of the week and am not sure I"ll have time to post. There really isn't much news to share other than we are still waiting and are approximately #9 or 10 on the wait list. Courts close for the rainy season next week. Referrals can still be given during the 2 months that courts are closed, but we aren't expecting many because the Transition Home will be full. Our God is a mighty God and we continue to trust in His plan no matter what that might bring!

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