Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I cannot believe I am writing this!  We received a court day today for Monday, July 30.  That's right! We are headed to ETHIOPIA.  God is so awesome!!  We are so very very excited.  Ok, freaking out a bit too about what to pack and what to take and well, yes freaking out and SO EXCITED!!!!!!
So, what does this mean?  We are in the midst of purchasing tickets but it looks like we'll arrive on Friday, July 27th.  We will have time each day to visit our son in the transition home.  We then appear before the judge on Monday, July 30th.  At our court date we will either PASS (all paperwork is in order and EVERYTHING is there saying he can be ours) or we will not pass and we will have to wait.  If we do not pass this DOES NOT mean we have to travel to Ethiopia for another court date. It does mean, however, that we have to wait to pass court (possibly until after court closures) until all of our paperwork (or whatever the holdup is) is taken care of and the judge passes us. Now, I know i keep saying this but we know this is in God's control.  He's got it and he has a plan.   Please pray with us!  THANK YOU!!  and THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!  THIS IS TRULY AN ANSWER TO PRAYER!  Our little guy's one year birthday is tomorrow, July 11.  I was having a very hard time not being there for him.  Now, we get to see him in just a few short weeks!  PRAISE GOD!

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