Saturday, July 7, 2012

Time to decorate

We promised ourselves that we wouldn't start on little guy's room until we had received our referral.  So guess what we did last night? Yep went out and got a bunch of paint samples!  We received a few strips of fabric that Nana will make his quilt out of so that we could match the paint.  So, now the fun begins.  We need to get stuff OUT of the room he'll be in. Such as, oh, all of our DVDs (DVD holders are on their way from Amazon), a big book shelf, and the few things that are stored in the closet. Then we'll be able to begin transforming the room!  We're definitely excited to begin this project.  We'd also REALLY like to get a bunk bed for A's room.  We'd like one with a double bed on the bottom so that we still have room for guests when they come and visit.  This is proving difficult, however, as bunk bed are ridiculously EXPENSIVE! We're going to keep our eyes out for some deals for sure.  Here is a sneak peek of the fabric and paint samples we're looking over.

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Tiffygator said...

Adorable and so fun!!! My mom was a quilter and I love quilts!

I've been having some fun in our son's room too. We already have a double bed in there, but since he's younger than we expected I've been shuffling furniture around to fit the crib too. It's going to be a tight squeeze for a while.