Friday, July 27, 2012

Court Trip Day 1

Court Trip Day One

Wow, we simply can’t believe it!  This day has just been wonderful (despite being extremely sleep deprived so please ignore all mistakes in this post. I’m surprised I am even typing).  I’m not sure we’ll get to post every day while we are in Addis but we’ll try!  Today began by stepping off of Ethiopian Airlines and on to Ethiopian soil.  We then of course stood in lines to get visas and go through customs, which actually didn’t take that long!  Before we knew it we were in a van and headed to the guest house.  Our guide told us that we’d drop our bags off, get about 15 minutes, and head to meet our son. BEST. NEWS. OF. THE. DAY.  After meeting some great folks that are also here for court and Embassy, we traveled to our agency’s Transition Home (TH).  Once the children are paper ready they enter our agency’s transition home.  They nannies here are excellent and it was nice meeting them!

I can’t really put meeting our son into words.  They brought him out and smiled at Josh right away and cuddled on his shoulder.  We cuddled a lot and he was smiling, giving us five, nodding his head back and forth, and well just being adorable of course!  We stayed at the TH for about 2.5 hours and headed out to lunch.

Guess what was for lunch? Pizza!! Ha, but it was very good pizza and we were starved.  After this we visited two orphanages that work with our agency.  The older kids sang for us and another adoptive mom had brought the CUTEST homemade rag dolls to give them!  They loved them!  Let me tell you what folks.  Those older kids really tug at your heart strings.  We walked into one of the rooms and an older girl (maybe 9 or  10?) was all smiles as she told us that her family was waiting for an embassy appointment to come get her.  Ok, I lost it.  I cannot explain the excitement on her face and she told us that she had a family.  The kids were so sweet and showed us around the orphanages with great hospitality.  I was so glad I had asked God for strength to keep me awake so that we could make the visit!  OH, one funny part was when they made us coffee and a girl in our group HATES it.  We could not help but giggling at her trying to get it down.  Pretty fun.  

We then came back to our guest house and will be eating dinner and GOING TO BED.  I’m not going to count how many hours we’ve been awake.  I wonder if this post is coherent at all?

Tomorrow we will be traveling 5-6 hours with another family to the part of Ethiopia that our son was born.  We are looking forward to seeing the orphanage that he came from and hopefully learn a little bit more about him in the process.  Hopefully we’ll be able to post more on Sunday! 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS.  KEEP THEM COMING.  THIS BOY NEEDS TO COME HOME SOON!! We are so thankful to God for this day.  We thank him that we had a great time with B.  When he fussed we were able to calm him down, we got to feed him a bottle, and just love on him. Folks, after waiting 2 years and 2 months to see the son that God would give us, I could not keep praising HIM.  WOW.  THANK YOU GOD. 


iheartdeals said...

Crying tears of joy for you! It is finally here and real!! Oh, and I can't believe you are functional enough to write a blog post at this point. Love you!

Erica said...

So happy for you, Tami!