Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home One Week

Wow, it seems impossible. We have indeed been home together as a family for a little over a week now.  First of all, we are so thankful to God for working the miracles that he did to bring our son home.  We thank him so often for bringing B home.

So you are probably is it going? Well, this week daddy was working from home all week and was a HUGE help with Breakfast and Lunch during the week. When I say HUGE help he basically made both ALL week. Yea he's awesome like that and I am so thankful!  He was also only a call away if the kids were crying or throwing some type of temper tantrum (what? our kids? haha).  That being said we had our GREAT moments and our AWFUL moments this week.  We expected this to be the case. B is learning all about his new family and home and routine.  This is no little thing.  Overall he is a loving, playful little guy.  He's adjusting to learn how to fall asleep in his new bed.  Sleep has been the hardest adjustment so far.  Getting him to fall asleep is very difficult. You never know what is going to work or how long it is going to take for him to fall asleep.  There are times when it takes 10 minutes and there have been times that it has taken hours.  Then we pray he doesn't wake back up once he is finally asleep.  We've had a few night's where we've slept all night and then a few night's with waking up a few times in the middle of the night.  We are definitely praying for patience in this category!  We know that if he cries, he is crying for us which is a very good thing!   What about eating?  This kid eats like a champ. He eats whatever we do for our meals with no problem and hasn't refused anything except for most fruit, but we are working on that.  Mornings seems to be  our best times during the day.  Both kids love to play together and with their toys and have lots of smiles.  The evenings are quite a different picture.  B usually melts down at around 6:30.   I suppose most kids are that way though so we roll with whatever happens.  I do lots of holding B in the carrier an hour to a half an hour before each nap and at bedtime.  This helps him feel safe and warm before he actually goes to bed.  I seriously have no idea what I'd do without the Ergo carrier!  We can say so far that "cocooning" is definitely a good thing for B.  He is reaching for Josh and I, giving us kisses and hugs, and every day we see more good signs that he is attaching to us. 

Tomorrow we drive to the International Children's Hospital for a 3-4 hour doctor's appointment for B.  We are thankful to have such a great International Pediatric Facility so close.  They will run a few tests on B (such as for parasites, which can be a very common occurrence in kids from foreign countries) and they will go over B's medical history. I am praying that the appointment goes well and that we all survive the 3-4 hours at the doctor!  YIKES.

Thank you so much for your prayers, meals, kind words, and encouragement!  All of these have been such an encouragement to us and a HUGE help.

More silly faces
 Play time
Eating his first Cheerios
 A insisted that daddy pick them both up at the same time

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