Thursday, October 4, 2012

learning as I go...

As most of you know we brought home a 14 month old and I became a stay at home mom (at least for this school year) all at the same time.  THAT is a lot of change in a very short amount of time.  Yes, I was home during the summer with our daughter so I'm not used to being gone all of the time, but that is still a lot of change.  For those of you with 3 or more kids you will probably find these next few facts just a bit (OR A LOT) hilarious. However, I thought I'd share just a bit of how things have changed around here so far.  These are by no means BAD things.  They are just funny changes that I'm getting accustomed to after having 1 child for almost 4 years and then jumping head in to adding a 14 month old. I will say that being a work outside of the home mother was EXHAUSTING and often stressful.  Figuring out how to balance life is very difficult.  There are definitely days that I miss my wonderful students at school and the career God also blessed me with.  However, it is freeing and wonderful to know that I can spend the next school year focusing on the wonderful children God has blessed me (and us) with. the little things...

1. The dishwasher.  When I was working, we ran the dishwasher perhaps once every three days.  Now, with the added person and being home all day we run it at least once a day.  This is just wrong.

2. The car.  With one more kid you think it would just take double the time to get ready and get in the car right? BIG OLD FAT WRONG.  It takes at least triple the time.  Add in changing a last minute diaper and making sure I haven't accidentally left the dog outside and it may quadruple.  My poor 3.5 year old actually looked at me when we got in the car today and said, "ok do you have your purse, the diaper bag, the carrier, and the dog?"  yikes.  pretty bad when I need her to remind me. 

3. Diapers. The diaper pail fills up quite a bit faster when i'm the one changing ALL of the diapers. WHAT?  I just took it out yesterday! 

4. Naps.  What?  Yes both of my children still nap. My daughter happens to be a lot like me.  She loves her sleep.  I mean LOVES IT. She has since she was born.  I thank God for this daily now that I have another one that well, so far doesn't love his sleep as much as I love mine.  Today he was up at 5:00 AM.  Therefore I decided I must have a nap this afternoon before going on with my day. 10 mintues in and he was awake.  Got him back to sleep. Layed back down and ten minutes later the older child was awake.  Can we say more caffeine?

5.  Caffeine.  Speaking of caffeine the ole cup of Joe is definitely needed in the morning.  How folks go without it is beyond me.  What are the chance I could get a Starbucks drive through window attached to our house? 

6. Play Time.  I love that my children will play together. Big sister is fabulous at helping her brother learn how to play with her.  Love seeing my children bond together.

7. Toys. Well when you aren't gone from 7:15-4:45 toys just kind of happen...all over the house.  What mom doesn't know that?  haha!  I love it though. It means my kids are playing with their toys.  

8. Eggs.  Ok, this is random but we go through eggs so quickly.  You see my husband cannot eat straight eggs because they make him sick.  Therefore we've never gone through that many before. Well our new eater in the house also loves eggs...I think I'm going to have to start buying crate fulls at a time!

9. PBS - yes I limit the TV watching, but those few minutes after nap time of PBS are simply wonderful AND educational.

10. THE WORD.  This should really be number one.  I need God's word to fuel my day.  I try as hard as possible to get it read in the morning.  

I'm sure there are about 3 zillion more but those are the random thoughts for today!

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