Friday, September 7, 2012

Interview happened!! WHAT?

Ok, I'll admit it. I woke up discouraged.  I was tired from a long week and just missing our little guy and well, just wanting to see him.  I was a bit grumpy (or Josh might say A LOT).  I got to work and tried to get my heart in the right place and did a lot of praying.  Then we recieved this e-mail:

"Good Morning,

I am excited to share that the Embassy was able to interview the finder they requested to interview today. They do not usually interview on Fridays, but had contacted us yesterday and said if we were able to get the finder there by this morning that they’d do an interview for us. We weren’t sure if he could make it in time, but our in-country staff just shared the news with me that the finder arrived in Addis at 6am in plenty of time for an interview.

We’ll hopefully hear more early next week regarding your family’s case. If you have any questions on this, please let me know"

 Well just hit me over the head!  WHAT?  THANK YOU GOD!!!  THANK YOU!!! 

So what next?  Well I asked our Agency the same question.  Here is the answer:
"they could clear you, or could still either ask for more information or determine the case is “Not Clearly Approvable” and send it to Nairobi for approval. It’s hard to know what to predict, so I’d encourage you to be prepared for any of the three. If your case is sent to Nairobi, it would most likely mean about 2-3 weeks until you are cleared. Otherwise, you could be cleared as early as next week. Tuesday is Ethiopian New Year though, so if we do not hear anything Monday, we won’t hear anything until later in the week."

OK, be prepared for anything. SO HARD TO DO AT THIS POINT!!  Praying for a miracle!!  Praying our little guy gets to come home soon. Will you please pray with us?
Thank you!

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