Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today we woke up refreshed. You read it right! Thank you Lord that our little guy slept through the night and so did we.  Wow, what a good night's sleep will do.  B drank his bottle and we relaxed in the morning, which was nice. At about 10:30 we headed to Bethel church.  Our friend Laura is staying in Ethiopia with the pastor of Bethel Church and his wife while she waits to clear embassy.  We had a wonderful time worshiping at church.  B did very well during the service and snacked on some puffs.  We then all went to lunch at a fantastic Greek restaurant. 

  On the way to church.  Everything is really green right now as it is spring in Ethiopia.

 Entrance to the church

 The road leading out of the church.  As you can see the rainy season has definitely been here. 

Lunch with Laura! 

 We then came back and B slept on his mom and dad for a good part of the afternoon.  We can tell that he is definitely trying to figure out just exactly who we are and if we are here to stay or not.  If one of us leaves the room for just a few seconds his eyes do not leave the doorway until we return.  He has had a few fussy and crying moments, but thankfully we are able to get him calmed down.  He also doesn't feel well and is on medicine for mild bronchitis.  Poor little guy is so congested! After B's nap we headed up to the roof of our guest house. The sun was out and it has a perfect view of the city around us. 

I LOVE this Ergo carrier.  B does really well in it and was asleep when Josh shot this picture (hence the cover over his head)

We then just decided to eat in our room and relax with the little man.  He is sound asleep right now (as I am enjoying a bag of kettlecorn.  YUM) and we are praying he has another night of good sleep.  Tomorrow morning is our embassy appointment and then we head back to the TH to get some paper work for B. We also get to deliver care packages to several children from their parents in the states AND take pictures of them to send back! How fun is that?  We CONTINUE to thank God for working miracles for us.  We are so very grateful.  We also know that life will not suddenly be easy from here on out and we may have a very hard road ahead as we bring B home, but I really like what the pastor this morning said when talking about the story of Joshua in Joshua 6.  Joshua obeyed no matter what.  He didn't ask why or question if he should do it.  He just DID IT.  And guess what?  God led them through the Jericho and allowed them to defeat it.  That God is the exact same God of today.  THE SAME ONE.  I pray that we can follow God's leading, obey him, and trust Him continually. Every step of the way.

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