Thursday, December 6, 2012


The four of us set out on Thanksgiving morning to Mimi and Poppy's house or as our daughter likes to say Meems and Pops.  Our son is NOT a fan of travel so far.  In fact, he hates it.  However, we made it the three hours there with only about an hour of crying total. Most of the ride was spend with me holding tightly to his hand which seems to calm him down.  Once we arrived we were able to relax around the house all day.  We weren't having Thanksgiving until Friday and it was nice to just relax and spend time with family on Thursday.   

Eating donuts as we leave town!  Of course the donuts kept him smiling for a little bit. 
 So ready to get to Meems and Pops!
 The driver. Need I say more?
 Once we arrived A headed straight outside.  Who wouldn't when you have the wide open country and its 60 degrees outside on Thanksgiving??

Friday it was time to celebrate Thanksmas with the family.  Christmas actually came first and then Thanksgiving dinner came next! It was a wonderful day with family. 

Prepping the Turkey
 B's first Turkey Day
 Dad helped get the 28 pound turkey in the oven. Wow was it DELICIOUS!

 I love my baby girl so much
 LOVE this stocking mom found for B!
 The cutest nephew EVER
 The cutest niece EVER
 Talking on his new cell phone
 P and her hat
 Special Christmas gift
 Bro and son...precious
 Aunt Que and her nephew
 Little People!
 Let's EAT!!

 My favorite
 We are never too young

Saturday we had a chance to celebrate J and A's birthday since they are so close together.  Thanks to Kristan for allowing us to celebrate together!  Another great family day.
Crazy kids.  They love each other so much!
 Our attempt at a family picture. This was the best one out of all of them. Leave it to our kids...

 Picture with her Great Mewaw!  How I missed one with the other grandparents I have NO IDEA!!

Over all B did really well on the trip.  He definitely gets REALLY clingy on trips and cranky.  By the end of four days he had kind of had enough and we could tell that he wanted home.  However,  for his first trip he really was a champ and we some great moments.  One step at a time right?  We thank God for the chance to visit family over Thanksgiving.  We truly do have so much to be Thankful for.

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