Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas part 1

Ok, so yea I've been slacking on the writing lately! We had a very busy and fun holiday season.  Because we were traveling for Christmas we had our own little Christmas at home by ourselves.  I cannot even explain how wonderful it was to be together as a family of four for Christmas.  It is still so hard for me to think about the fact that just 3 short months ago our son was still in the orphanage waiting for us to come pick him up.  Now he's in our home celebrating Christ's birth with us! THANK YOU LORD!!  Here are a few pics of our little time together. 

Daddy reading the Christmas Story from the
 Jesus Storybook Bible (hmm I feel like A is looking at her gifts...haha!)

LOVE her!

Hey what's this?

The Saturday before Christmas we headed off to Hershey, PA to be with family for Christmas.  We (ok mosly me) were worried about the long drive for B, but he really did great.  I sat beside him in the second seat which helped a lot.  He even fell asleep a few times on the trip! 

We took time to stop and get out of the car for lunch.

B enjoyed GETTING OUT!  

Once we arrived we got to spend lots of time with the WHOLE family!  We aren't really sure when that will happen again so it was great to know we'd get to be with them for a week.  B did great considering the change in his routine and the fact that he wasn't home.  He slept like a champ and was just more cranky than usual.  He still really only wants to be held by mommy and daddy but will sit and play with others on the ground for a few minutes.  SO what better way to explain the rest of the our trip other than pictures...

the next morning we headed to Hershey Park for breakfast with Santa

and then to chocolate world for pictures of course

yea so this is the ONLY picture of the four of us over the course of a week and someone wouldn't cooperate in this one.  Tis the season right?

that night we had the annual FREOGERS family Christmas get together.  This year we did Minute to Win it Games.  I didn't get many pictures but it was tons of fun and LOTS of yelling!

 Get the m & m from one plate to another

Guess who won the game?  Yep!

Don't even know what to say about this

we'll end there for today.  It was a great weekend before Christmas and great to be with family that we had not seen in a very long time. More to come soon!

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