Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas part Deux

Christmas as a 4 year old must be the most exciting thing ever.  Our little 4 year old thought so and I loved every second of her excitement.  She woke up on Christmas Eve full of anticipation about the days to come.  Christmas Eve was spend relaxing and cooking a feast (done mostly by the wonderful Chef Brenda Rogers of course).  It was a nice relaxing day and the best part was that it began to SNOW.  I had told A that all I wanted for Christmas was a White Christmas and I just loved the fact that it began to snow big fluffy flakes on Christmas Eve.  Yes, White Christmas is my all time favorite Christmas Movie.  Those of you who know me know that I am a huge old movie fan.  Give me Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Cary Grant, Doris Day, or Frank Sinatra ANY DAY.  I'm slowly teaching my daughter to love them as well. The other day she said, "mom do you think B will love old movies as much as we do?"  I felt success at that moment.  Ok, I digress.  Back to the wonderful white stuff and Christmas Eve.  We gathered Christmas Eve night for and scrumptious dinner with family and everyone got to open their new Christmas Pajamas.  Oh I love new Christmas Pajamas.

Nanny and A


So very thankful for the delicious food


The next morning I am not sure WHO was more exciting.  I rolled over at 6:45 A.M. and hear my husband asking if we can get up yet.  I just laughed and said sure.  Christmas morning was wonderful.  Neither Josh or I come from families who hurry to open up presents in a flurry.  We each take turns and enjoy seeing each of the gifts that are received.  It is so wonderful to watch expressions and faces and to see joy and presents are unwrapped.  There were afterall 13 of us around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

The gang in their Christmas Pajamas and the dogs

I loved the roaring fire


One of my favorite pictures


After a delicious brunch and nap time we headed to PapPap's house for Christmas Evening. 


Sometimes you just have to make a silly face


It was a wonderful Christmas filled with many blessings.  I loved hearing the family sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  The next few days were filled with shopping trips and playing games (as best as you can with two little ones).  On Friday we took a trip to Nanny and Poppy's house.  It was fun and Amaya LOVED playing with the marbles. 

We took a GREAT trip to Hershpark to ride rides.  Aunt Amber took her camera so I don't have any of those pictures but it was a lot of fun even in the cold.  B even rode a few rides and loved it!  That kids loves to be out and about.  Then we arrived at Saturday.  Our last day in PA and it was A's birthday! It is also very exciting to be 4 and have a BIRTHDAY!  Nana had a really fun activity planned that was great! I'd love to do this one again. 

How do we get her to stop growing?

Such a fun project

 The final result

We are thankful for family and the ability to visit them.  Having 2 little ones makes it an adventure for sure but the craziness is completely and totally worth it.  We thank God for safety as we drove and for his many provisions along the way. We are thankful that B did such a great job, especially sleeping.  Most of all we thank God for bringing his son to earth as a tiny baby.  We are thankful that we can celebrate his birth and know that some day he is coming back for us. 

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