Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life at home

This week we took B to his 6 month check up at the Cincinnati International Adoption Clinic. The appointment was supposed to be last month, but due to the snow it was rescheduled.  Thankfully we didn't have any concerns, but thought it would be good to just check in with the doctor and occupational therapist.  The appointment went very well other than lots of tears for more blood work. I mean who wouldn't cry with a needle stuck in their arm? Our brave little man has grown quite a bit since coming home in September!

This is his growth in height since his first appointment in November of 2012.  
He has grown from 29.5 inches to approximately 34 inches. 

This is his growth in weight since his first appointment in November of 2012. 
He went from 21 pounds to 25.5.  I think his growth in weight is slower due to getting taller AND running around ALL of the time now that he is walking.  

Here is a picture of B when we first received his referral. This was the earliest pictures they had of him at 7 months old.   He weighed somewhere around 11 pounds at 7 months of age. 

Here is a picture of him just last week at the park at 21 months old.  

Our B is a very typical 21 month old little boy.  He loves cars, wheels, blocks, buckets, and being outside.  He wakes up every day now and says, "shoes on?" and then "outside?"  He would be out there ALL DAY!  He loves to makes messes in mud and in any puddle of water he can find.  He hates when I tell him it is time to go inside even if it is time to eat lunch!  However, our little man also loves to eat and as of right now will eat anything!  He loves spicy foods, fruits, vegetables, spaghetti, and meat. Ok just about everything.  Now that those molars are in he is loving being able to actually chew up his food!  

The occupation therapist says that he is caught up on most of his fine motor skills and language skills. We are still working on things such as "point to the cat" or "who is that?" He will tend to repeat us and say, "that" until we prompt him, but he is catching on quickly.  I am amazed how many words he knows for starting a new language at 14 months of age!  If I don't understand what he says he does get a tad (a lot) frustrated with me and throws a very typical 21 month old temper tantrum (I'm hoping he will laugh at this when he reads it when he is 16 years old).   He is also getting better at staying in the nursery at church or staying with a babysitter.  He cries for a few minutes when we leave and then as soon as we return he instantly gives us a huge hug and says, "mama!" and "dada!" 

I think the hardest adjustment for our family has been that daddy travels for his job.  The weeks that daddy is gone you can definitely see an unsettled feeling about him.  The instant daddy arrives home it is likes he feels reassured.  That is completely understandable.  We skype with daddy a lot while he is gone and B LOVES that.  He also loves to talk with daddy on the phone.  When daddy is gone on a trip he thinks any time I am on the phone it is daddy. It is very cute.  

B also loves music.  It will be so interesting to see his musical artistic side grow.  He will make anything into drum sticks (including my hair brushes on the toilet).  He will now sing little bits of "la la la" and he will dance anytime he hears drums.  He loves hip hop music and rock music.  Dance parties in the living room are he and his sisters favorite night time activity.  Family time dance parties are the best right?  Although I did hear my daughter in bed the other night singing, "this girl is on fire!" Oops.  (at least it was the very appropriate Mike Tompkins version. Go check him out on youtube).  

Do we have tough times?  Yes of course we do.  There are a lot of times where we aren't quite sure if a reaction to something is just a typical 21 month old reaction or perhaps something deeper.  It is hard not to question and wonder, yet we have decided to take life with both of our kids one day, one minute, and one second at a time.  We ask God daily for guidance in how to best meet the needs of both of the children that he has blessed us with.  We love them dearly and thank God for them.  There are actually some changes in our family that I can hopefully blog about soon (and no it doesn't involve any MORE children right now ha!) and we are continually seeking to honor God through each decision we are faced with.  I can tell you that I am taking another year off of work and I am thankful to have another year home with the children.  God is good.  I will leave you with a video from the other night.  B and daddy love to wrestle.  It was one of those moments I wanted to freeze.  I just wanted to stay in it for just few moment longer and cherish the laughter forever. 

*I have been very careful to make sure anything I post here is something that B will be able to read when he is older!

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