Saturday, November 9, 2013

Time to sell!

The house is officially on the market! It is hard to believe that after talking about it for so long and running around like CRAZY getting it ready that the sign is actually IN the yard. I won't lie I may have shed a tear or two when the sign went in the ground but it is an exciting time as well.  So, here are a few facts I"m learning after the house has been on the market for, oh, four days:

1. Your house will be clean and neat all the time.  This means you are cleaning and keeping it neat all of the time.  
2. Your children will watch slightly more TV as you run around making sure everything is ready for the next showing.
3. You will learn how eager your children are to help you and give them LOTS of hugs because you are so grateful for them and their big hearts. 
4. Your dog is like, "WHAT IS UP? Why can't I sleep in my bed all day?"
5. Your house will smell wonderful because of the constant candle burning. 
6. The organization will feel SO wonderful that you will keep looking for things to organize (well ok, this might only apply to crazy people who love to organize.)  I am actually salivating thinking about a trip to the container store. 
7. You will learn how to randomly call people and ask them if you can spend time at their house because you need to be out of yours.
8. You will go out to eat more.  I mean who doesn't love Cheesecake factory anyways? Right?
9. You will suddenly find things that you feel like need "fixed" even though you've lived with them that way for oh 5 years. Then when they are fixed you say, "wow why didn't we do that five years ago?"
10. Did I mention the organization?  OH yea cause I'm that crazy lady.  Seriously I could live in the container store:)

We are praying for God's perfect timing in selling our house and trusting Him in it ALL.  I will be taking a trip to Denver soon to take a look at houses there and to finalize the exact area we'd like to live.  We are praying for a lot of guidance and wisdom in the process.

And because of course everything is better with pictures:

Little Man is in a booster seat.  How did this happen?

They are REALLY into art projects right now. I love it. 

Seriously she acts like SHE is the exhausted one from getting the house ready.  

Not really sure what to say about this, but I sure do love him and date nights.

How is she almost 5?  She promises me that she will still cuddle with me after she turns five and that she will still be little for a long time.  

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