Thursday, November 21, 2013

The House Hunt

One week ago yesterday I boarded a plane and headed to Denver, CO.  I must say a HUGE GIGANTIC thank you to my mom, and grandma, and our dear friends Mark and Amy for taking such great care of our kids while we were gone.  It was such a great relief knowing they were in good care and they enjoyed every second.  We are truly blessed. 

The moment I stepped off of the plane Josh picked me up and we headed to meet our realtor in Denver and we began the house hunt!  The housing market in Denver is pretty much like another world compared to the Midwest.  Houses pricing are double to triple the price and they are going fast! When I say fast I literally mean we could look at a house at 9 A.M. and it would be sold by 2 P.M.  There could be 16 bids on a house in one day.  Basically if your house hasn't sold in 2 weeks you know you need to lower the price or fix something because 2 weeks is like 2 years!  Here is the view as I was driving around town with our realtor.  The mountains are simply gorgeous.  It definitely makes going on a run in the morning a little easier.  

Wednesday night after searching we stopped and grabbed dinner at Whole Foods.  Their pizza was very yummy!  There is nothing like feeling like a kid again more than have pizza in a hotel room and watching a movie (The Great Gatsby in case you were wondering). 

Thursday after a great run I headed out with our realtor once again.  It was strange looking at houses by myself but our realtor is wonderful so we had lots of fun.  There was a house I actually fell in LOVE with.  Pretty much thought, "this is THE house."  Later than night after Josh got back from work we went back and looked.  He walked out the back patio doors and said, "um did you see the GIGANTIC power line/transformer right outside the back fence?"  haha nope I had totally missed that.  We left Thursday no closer to finding a house but were pretty sure of a few areas that we'd like to live in.  That night our friends Mandy and Chris had us over for dinner.  Shame on me for not taking a picture!  Good thing we will live pretty close to them so I have another chance at another picture huh?  Friday, my 2nd day of waking up at 5 A.M. in the morning, I convinced Josh to get up and go down the fitness room before work.  I spent the morning looking for more houses to go look at on Saturday and went to lunch and shopping with my friend Jessica Friday afternoon to the Highlands.  We had a fantastic at a place called Highlands Tap and Burger.  Check out this Mushroom Burger complete with Truffle Oil.  I can honestly say one of the best burgers I have every had. 

 We also found this lovely little shop called Starlet.  I could have bought up the store.  I of course only window shopped.  I promise.  AND no shopping trip is complete without finding a cute coffee house with delicious Americanos (after all I had been up since 5). Friday night Josh and I went out to eat and did a little window shopping ourselves.  Saturday came and yep I was up at 5 A.M. again!  Thank goodness Josh suggested we hurry up and get to breakfast at Snooze.  It was absolutely declicious.  Check out these pancakes Josh ordered. 

After our awesome breakfast we met our realtor and headed back out to look at houses.  One of the very last houses we looked at was a house I had looked at on Thursday and thought that Josh might like.  Turns out that I was right.  He really did like it.  I have to say that my husband is so good and knowing what our family needs vs. what it (ok what Tami wants).  I sort of have this dream of owning this large house with a huge backyard. I know it is completely ridiculous and who want to clean that much space anyways right?  So, he keeps me on track by explaining to me how a space can work and why it works for our family.  Basically he keeps me grounded. Shwew thank goodness.  We laughed while eating lunch with our realtor and decided that we all sounded like we were on an episode of House Hunters on HGTV.  We had 3 houses that we were between and were discussing the pros and cons of each.  I must mention that Josh and I had been praying non stop the entire trip.  We knew that God was in control and that he would guide us in this huge decision.  I am so thankful for a husband that prays with me and is on his knees praying for guidance and wisdom in every decision!  We finally settled on the house and began the process of making an offer.  Saturday night we got a special night out with our friends Brent and Jessica.  For dessert Jessica found this cute little place called D Bar.  Hands down the best cookies and milk I have ever had. The cookies were baked fresh to order.

They were patient as we were negotiating back and forth with our realtor and the seller.  Needless to say I think both of us were just a tad exhausted.  Sunday it was time to head home and get back to our kids!!  While on the airplane our realtor had called with an offer on the house that we own.  We decided to wait until Monday to make a decision until we knew exactly what was going on with the house in Denver.  I can't really explain the happenings between Sunday night and Monday afternoon but God used those 24 hours to completely take us off of our feet, know how completely weak we are, and how completely strong HE is.  We had hours of good, hard conversation and lots and lots of prayer.  By Monday afternoon we had a signed contract on our current home and a signed contract on the home in Denver.  God is faithful.   We know that he is guiding us every step of the way in the all of the unknowns in this journey.  We still have many steps to go before anything is final.  The inspections and appraisals will need to take place but we are continually trusting every step of the way.  If both contracts go through we will be looking at moving early January 2014.  I know this is silly but I prayed that we would be able to put up a Christmas tree this year for at least a few weeks and God answered the prayer.  We are planning on decorating this weekend even if the tree can only be up for 3 weeks before our things make their way to CO. We are continually asking for wisdom and strength every step of the way to CO! 

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Allison Walton said...

There was a song we used to sing in Sunday School growing up that went, "God will take care of you, God will take care of you. Wherever you roam, wherever your home, God will take care of you." I'm singing it for you right now!